Ocean Swift Controllers
Vst and AbletonLive controllers, Universal and/or Scope Platform

Vst Controllers (for SCOPE) (WIN)

Take full control of our instruments and effects in any DAW with the OS VST Controllers! Quickly set up automations of any parameter in a few clicks or have fun with the crazy randomiser functions!

Universal Controllers (Made in Max4Live, for Ableton Live) (WIN and OSX)

An set of simple Ableton Live MIDI CC controllers to control your hardware. You can also use them, per example, to quickly control any SCOPE instruments and effects! Video Video 2

Xbox Controllers (WIN)

A simple Standalone and VST X-Box controller! Video

All the controllers are available at User Area You can chose bellow between Basic & Prime Access.

With Basic, you will have access to the "Universal Controllers" and "Xbox Controller". With Prime, for Scope Users, you can have full access to all our Controllers + all our Soundbanks for free.

After purchase, We will contact to your paypal email as soon as possible! This is not an automated process, so please allow for at least 24Hours to process your order.